Rebuilding of a residential complex in via Ippodromo 8

Starting from a prior proposal, the project aims to refine the building’s presence in the surroundings, by using lodges and screens, and alternating full and empty spaces.
The residential complex will consist of two buildings, with an orthogonal distribution which shapes an open courtyard, and a 22 levels tower north oriented, with a total of 24.500 sqm.
The project shows a double aesthetical language. On the one hand it recalls the local architectural tradition, by using a cladding called “Ceppo di Gré” (an artificial type) for the lower buildings, while on the other hand it tries to highlight the tower, with wooden balconies and boxes for the greenery.

CLIENT: Carlo Maresca Group S.p.A.
YEAR: Current
TOTAL AREA: 24.500 sqm
CATEGORY: Residential, Architecture
IN PARTNERSHIP WITH: Prointegra S.r.l.
CONSULTANTS: Studio R19, VI+M Studio

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