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Enhance the history and architecture of a magnificent ancient nineteenth-century palace in the historic heart of Milan [...] June 2016 

Caffetteria Edison

International tender for Jinshan urban planning, Shangai Marina [...] March - April 2016 

industria delle costruzioni

Dolce Vita, new project for Jinshan Marina(Shanghai) – GALA China [...] 24.2.2016 
After years, we opened the construction site that will transform a building confiscated from the mafia in a center dedicated to the care of autistic children […] 11.12.2015  
With «Progetto 10mila»'s criteria social housing costs decrease by 10% […] 20.11.2015  

Casa 24 Il sole 24 ore

Progetto 10.000: InvestiRE, Cdp sgr and FHS chose Giorgieri with Consorzio Arcale and Beretta Associati and Mab with Mangiavacchi Pedercini […] 18.11.2015  
Milan is changing. The urban landscape is changing. Former industrial areas have been converted to residential. Others have increased their international appeal […] 17.12.2014  

Magazine Pambianco

Architecture far from structural improbability, with an attention to detail, that is transferred from the interior design scale to that of the building [...] 1.12.2014


Multi family residences in Milan designed by Beretta Associati. The area on which stand the new buildings has an area of ​​3,000 square meters, of which only 1,500 have been built [...] 17.3.2014 


FontanaArte. The vernissage of the new showroom in Corso Monforte is an opportunity to retrace the history and the important contribution of the company to Italian design […] 1.3.2014 


Milan is transforming. Journey to the places signed by the Architecture practice Beretta, with a special guide: the art critic and journalist Philippe Daverio. [...] 20.2.2014
Tuesday, February 11, 2014, starting at 15:00 the press tour organized by Studio Beretta Associati will take place  [...] 13.2.14 


Urban block and contemporary Milan. The Atlas of changes proposes two projects that differently interpret the issues of urban reconstruction of the block […] 5.2.2014 

Ordine Architetti Milano

Linklaters offices in via Broletto have been designed around a broad vertical gallery, which characterizes the distribution focus of the building, enabling the penetration of natural light even in a deep core  [...] 13.12.2013

Office observer

Projects in brief. Broletto 9/11 . In Milan the building signed by Beretta Associati. The project involves two buildings of the first '900 and later joined for functional reasons [...]  1.12.2013 
From redevelopment to sustainability to energy saving. A journey through the last projects by Beretta Associati helps us to understand new trends [...] 13.8.2013 

Real estate

New flagship store opening in Victoria Island, Lagos . Meeting point of major business and shopping areas of the city [...] 11.7.2013 


The development Tiraboschi Tre, promoted by Sviluppo Immobiliare e Beni Reali, creates a new residence in the center of Milan designed by Studio Beretta Associati [...] 25.6.2013 


Budapest, luxury multibrand store made ​​in Italy. It's called bacio di Stile and it is a complex designed by the Milanese firm Beretta Associati. Operation of 30 billion Euro [...] 11.6.2013 


In a market undergoing profound changes, the quality of construction is undoubtedly the winning weapon to beat the crisis [...] 27.5.2013 


Via Broletto 9/11. Office building. The operation involves two buildings of the early ' 900 later joined for functional reasons [...] 21.5.2013 


The intervention consists of a radical reorganization and reconfiguration of the interior design, to make room for the headquarters of an international law firm […] 16.5.2013 


The architect is there but is (almost) invisible. Says a well-known architect, in this case customer of himself. So the structure has remained as it was in 1500: simple, in stone. In tune with the Val Luretta, a valley an hour away from Milan [...] 22.9.2013 

Io donna

Beretta prepares Cracco Peck restyling. Among the interventions of the architecture practice, 20 outlets in China and Zegna and Malo Budapest [...] 1.3.2012

Casa 24

In 1,200 square meters materials, drawings and panels for five-storey shopping malls or flagship shops from all parts of the world [...] 11.12.2011 

La Repubblica

Milan. Art and design pieces coexist in a situation of rare and delicate balance [...] 28.9.2007


Oversize transparencies. Static principles, overhead lighting and solar control, fire and earthquake resistant, watertight and wind: the design parameters of the glass covers of great size [...] 1.9.2007


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